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Thorough Examinations

Thorough examination is now law. Whether your forklift trucks are owned or hired, it is your responsibility to ensure that every truck has a fully up-to-date Report of Thorough Examination, with all forklift trucks requiring a minimum of one inspection per annum. AFL can arrange a LOLER approved thorough examination inspection for all your equipment.


Thorough Examination can be thought of as the forklift truck’s equivalent of a car’s MOT test – but much stricter. A Report of Thorough Examination is a bit like an MOT certificate.


Even if the truck you operate is brand new, you should make sure it receives its first Thorough Examination by the age of 12 months. After that, it will need to be examined again every 12, 6 or 3 months- depending on the nature of the application, the truck and any attachments it has.


Whether you buy your truck or hire it, long or short term, you have a responsibility to ensure it has a valid Report of Thorough Examination.


The Thorough Examination and safety inspection is intended to:

  • verify that the truck is operating as it is intended to when lifting and travelling
  • identify defects or weaknesses which could compromise the safe use of the truck
  • specifiy the time-scales within which identified defects or weaknesses need to be rectified
  • establish that defects identified in the previous report of thorough examination have received attention
  • assess the correct function of all safety devices
  • check that warning notices are correctly fixed and legible; and
  • where necessary specifiy any limitations on the use of the truck


It includes thorough examination of the lifting parts of the truck (covered by LOLER 98, regulation 9) as well as inspection of other safety critical parts which are not directly part of the lifting mechanism (covered by PUWER 98, regulation 6).

Thorough Examination and safety inspections of lift trucks shall be made at not more than 12 month intervals.

In the case of any truck with an elevating operator position or one used for lifting personnel in a personnel work platform, the thorough examination should be made at
not more than 6 month intervals.


Click to view HSE loler-guide in PDF format below:


HSE Loler-guide