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XF5-7T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truscks

Comfortable operation

This comfortable easy to operate newly designed XF 5-7t series has taken in to account improved vibrating levels, full floating seat and cabin, compound engine damper all of which contribute to increased productivity.


Environment friendly

Environmentally friendly material, low exhaust emissions and reduced noise levels were key considerations when developing this product.



Due to new technological innovations the efficiency of the truck has been improved and the energy consumption reduced.

The new patent dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system has reduced the loss of hydraulic power, improved energy consumption and increased the lifting speed by 15%.



By focusing on enhancing reliability in order to reduce downtime, the XF series is able to increase productivity for customer.



A wide range of technology has been applied to ensure absolute safety for both the operator and any persons in the surrounding area.


Easy maintenance

Downtime and costs are reduced due to the design which facilitates inspection and servicing resulting in easy maintenance.