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Pramac Lifter range

Hand Pallet trucks Hand Pallet Trucks


The hand pallet truck is without any doubt the most basic, yet essential, tool in materials handling. For decades, it has served as the “first assistant” for truck operators loading and unloading pallets on location.


In warehouses, shops and industry, hand pallet trucks are used in all kinds of applications. We have a model for each of them - designed to suit your needs.



Scale Trucks


The Scale Series is available in two different models, both with an intelligent weighing device with several options. Suitable for lifting and carrying heavy loads.

The central display allows a quick and simple reading of the carried weight. Its software allows not only weighing but also counting, adding and totalling of multiple loads, with serial number that can be stored within its memory. 


HX10M lifted-rear_MAIN

Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks


The HX  series offers great reliability and practicality thanks to the innovative new frontal protection and the reduced weight. The HX 10M series allows easier and lighter manual lifting up to a height of 800mm whereas the HX 10E series truck allows electric lifting of weights to a height of 800mm.They create a useful adjustable working platform suitable for places such as workshops. They can also be used to support other machines in production, picking and similar areas.  







CX12 MAIN Electric Pallet Trucks


The CX powered truck is available in several versions fitted with MOSFET technology. They are suitable for carrying loads on smooth floors and other surfaces. The small size and turning radius make the CX range ideal for work in areas where space is at a premium, such as lorries or narrow aisles.










GX12-28 MAIN




The MX series, provides an excellent compromise between price and performance. It is a strong high capacity manual stacker, with reinforced roller driven forks and steel pulleys.


The TX series, available in several versions, features manual movement and electric lifting. These models are very steady and are suitable for lifting very heavy loads.


The GX series truck provides the perfect solution where space is at a premium. Thanks to the recent product development, these stackers are now even stronger and reliable. They feature electric lift and electric movement.


The new FX series represents the efficient solution to satisfy all possible warehousing and handling requirements.

The separated excited traction technology (SEM) guarantees constant speed with or without load, while the MOSFET transistor is used to regulate control traction and allows smooth and progressive control.


The LX series of stackers offers a huge range of equipment for the professional looking for quality and added value. Designed to be utilised in professional applications in warehouse and handling, these machines come fitted with many standard features, with many further options available such as MOSFET transistor control and SEM drive motor.