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Hangcha Fork Lift Trucks Range

Hangcha Group Company Ltd is a leading forklift manufacturer in China and  now offer a complete product range of material handling equipment, including electric, LPG and Diesel forklifts, and a complete range of warehouse trucks and tractors.


A series 1-3.5t Electric Counter balance Forklift Truck

A series 1-3.5T 1

The new Hangcha A series 1-3.5T electric counter balance truck has been designed to improve performance, reliability, safety and comfort. With its small streamlined design and the use of metal materials for all exposed parts the new A series is a robust machine.

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J series 1.3-2T Front wheel drive Electric Forklift Truck

J series 1.3-2t 1

The new J series 1.3-2T front wheel drive electric forklift is a heavy-duty vehicle and is designed for 10,000 running hours or more between major overhauls. Combined with the latest technology, this simply designed vehicle comes with up to 500 hours service intervals. It can be easily maintained with no special training and tools, thus ensuring low operation cost. For example, the CURTIS Gen2 AC system with simplified circuitry and brushless motors demand minimal servicing. In addition, the twin AC motors not only provides hign travelling performance for the forklift, but also offers easy access from the front for servicing.


XF1-3.5T internal combustion countbalance forklift Truck

XF 1-3.5T1 The ICCB XF series 1-3.5T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck is manufactured by combining Hangcha's manufacturing experience and the latest production technology. It can use diesel, gasoline and LPG as the fuel, with dual-fuel also available. In addition, this series of products all have a load center of 500mm, which means that the distance from the centre of gravity of the load to the front face of the fork shank is 500mm.

As a professional 1-3.5T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck manufacturer and supplier in China, Hangcha also offers 1.3-2T front wheel drive electric forklift, 1-3.5T four wheel ECB forklift, internal combustion tow tractor, and more.

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XF5-7T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truscks

XF 5-7T 1 This comfortable easy to operate newly designed XF 5-7t series has taken in to account improved vibrating levels, full floating seat and cabin, compound engine damper all of which contribute to increased productivity.
  • Additional foot space reduces operator fatigue significantly and the new wide
  • open, non slip step makes access on and off the truck safe and easy.
  • Sensitive and precise load handling operations are assisted with the use of the optional Electro-hydraulic proportional control system with easy to operate levers and an armrest to reduce fatigue.
  • In addition to the soft landing system the soft lifting system was adopted resulting in reduced noise and shock levels of the front lifting cylinders on the triplex and full free duplex masts.
  • The new mast design has increased and broadened forward visibility by 60mm.
  • Operations in adverse conditions have been improved with the addition of the patent plated fin type aluminium radiator which controls heat exchange.
  • Four levels of shock absorber and a damping pad have been applied to reduce vibration from the road to the operator through the steering axle and chassis, engine, torque converter and chassis, overhead guard and chassis. Vibration through the suspension seat has also been reduced.
  • The new, relocated easy to see LCD meter lets the operator check on all operational status’ at a glance.
  • The new automobile style light/turn signal lever and forward reverse lever are ergonomically designed and arranged to improve comfort and productivity.
  • The small diameter steering wheel with tilt adjustment provides the ideal operating position. The superior responsiveness of the steering wheel optimises maneuverability even in narrow spaces.
  • Only 90N parking brake force is required.
  • The automobile style suspended pedals ensure a more ergonomic operation.

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