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Regardless of the application expectation, these compact engine powered models have deservedly acquired a name synonymous with durability.

Three frame types, five mast capacity designs and four engine sizes create a range of different configurations to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find the ideal combination to suit your needs.
Ideal for industrial applications, the trucks achieve outstanding traction on sloping or slippery surfaces, with solid pneumatic tyres providing excellent operator comfort.
A built-in warning system and easy maintenance procedures help to keep your truck in service and your costs to a minimum.

The GP models are equipped with the K21LE and K25LE engines. These proven, high powered and clean LPG engines, with standard 3-way closed loop catalytic converter, provide the performance and torque necessary when trucks are required for use in demanding applications indoors and outdoors.




GP15N 1500 500 K21 LE LP Gas
GP18N 1750 500 K21 LE LP Gas
GP20CN 2000 500 K21 LE LP Gas
GP20N 2000 500 K21 LE LP Gas
GP25N 2500 500 K21 LE LP Gas
GP30N 3000 500 K25 LE LP Gas
GP35N 3500 500 K25 LE LP Gas