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Ideal for indoor applications, the GCN range of lift trucks are notable for their high performance and excellent fuel economy.

GC20-33NCompact and versatile in tight quarters these trucks display impressive residual capacities in high lift applications.
The GC20-33N features a state-of-the-art LPG engine, engine management system and regulated catalytic converter offer improved performance, lower noise and emission levels and more efficient fuel consumption.
Design improvements have also extended the service interval to 500 hours to further reduce the total cost of ownership.




GC20N 2000 500 K25 LP Gas
GC25N 2500 500 K25 LP Gas
GC28N 2750 500 K25 LP Gas
GC30N 3000 500 K25 LP Gas
GC33N 2950 600 K25 LP Gas