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High-performance durability – for measurably improved productivity.

When lift trucks are crucial to your productivity, you need machines you can rely on for top capabilities – which is what Cat® Lift Trucks deliver in these diesel-engine powered lift trucks, with lifting capacities of 8.0 to 16.0 tonnes. The commitment to manufacturing quality of Cat Lift Trucks means that these trucks will tackle the toughest workloads in the harshest conditions – while providing operating conditions for drivers that are easier and safer than ever before, allowing for more efficient work over longer periods.

The result? Dramatically enhanced on-site performance that measurably adds to your bottom-line profitability.


Features and Specifications

  • Design improvements have extended the service intervals to 500* hours, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Vehicle Control Unit controls various functions and allows easy troubleshooting of electronic components.
  • Tilt able operator compartment for unobstructed service and reduction of down time.
  • Complete model line up with capacities from 8 - 16 tonne at 600 mm load centre.
  • Diesel engine is stage III A compliant according to directive 97/68/EC, amended by 2004/26/EC, due to the use of common rail technology in combination with turbo charger, intercooler, exhaust gas recirculation and a positive crankcase ventilation for low emissions of harmful exhaust gasses.
  • Powerful 6M60-TL engine with high output and torque at low rpm’s to match performance and extend service life.
  • High lift speed, drawbar pull and gradeability for excellent productivity.
  • The range has a modern N-range family styling, consistent with smaller ranges.
  • Safety seat switch prevents truck operation when the operator is not seated.
  • Low noise levels which increase operator comfort.
  • Advanced fingertip hydraulic controls mounted on an adjustable armrest for optimum load handling precision.
  • Automotive style pedal layout.
  • Adjustable steering column for comfortable operation.
  • Oil cooled disc brakes optional on the complete range (std on 16 tonne) for lower operational costs in hard applications.
  • Lever hydraulic control (electric over hydraulic).
  • Optional cabin with excellent functionality including:
    1. Full lining, optional heater with defrosting and air conditioning for excellent operator comfort.
    2. All controls and switches are clustered for improved comfort.
    3. Cabin has flat windows for easy and cost effective service replacement.
    4. Optional audio preparation.
DP80N 8000 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP90N 9000 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP100N 10000 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP120N 12000 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP135N 13500 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP150N 15000 600 6M60-TL Diesel
DP160N 16000 600 6M60-TL Diesel