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These heavy-duty 6.0 and 7.0 tonne diesel engine lift trucks are designed around a robust chassis, heavy duty steer axle and rigid masts that invite long life and high performance. Built to last and easy to maintain, these workhorses will deliver dependable productivity shift after shift.

DP60-70The powerful 6 cylinder S6S-T diesel engine at the heart of these trucks, is designed to the highest standards. It is quiet, fuel efficient and exceeds EURO level IIIA emission regulations.
Floating on tough rubber engine mounting blocks virtually eliminates vibration to the operator’s compartment, which helps keep the operator focussed and productive.

Access to and from the truck is easy thanks to the conveniently placed grab bars and footsteps. Once seated, the operator can position the tilting steering column and adjustable seat to suit which, combined with the generous leg room and ‘through-the-floor’ foot pedals, keeps the operator relaxed and productive.

Daily Checks are quick and easy as battery, coolant and oil levels etc, are all within easy view and reach.
Routine maintenance can also be performed quickly, as the engine hood opens wide on tough gas cylinders, ensuring easy access to the engine compartment.




DP60 6000 600 S6S-T Diesel
DP70 7000 600 S6S-T Diesel