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A series 1-3.5t electric counter balance truck

A series 1-3.5T 1 A series 1-3.5T 2


The newly designed cabin ensures that the operator is relaxed at all times and not affected by fatigue during a shift.
The battery design provides stability especially during turning.
The turning wheel with its small radius and an adjustable seat with a distance of 150mm will ensure comfort for the operator.
The A series has an automatic soft landing system which cuts in when the forks are lowered to between 60-100mm from the ground preventing contact being made.
The newly designed broad view mast provides improved visibility to the fore.
An easy to see large, friendly operator/computer, LED dashboard provides self diagnostic functions, battery power and running hours.
The energy saving A series with no exhaust emissions and low noise level meets the environment friendly requirements.


AC Technology
The A Series Hangcha truck comes with highly efficient AC technology including full protection functions, a self equipped temperature sensor and a speed sensor which improves reliability and increases the working life of the truck. The Drive Motor is maintenance free as there is no need to replace the carbon brush and service costs are low.


Safety System
The high frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting and secure stopping on ramps and is compatible with the motor producing a more quality controlled performance.
With regenerative braking during deceleration, direction change and downward slopes the system is more energy efficient and cost effective.


Easy Maintenance
Removable battery cover allowing easy access to battery compartment for servicing.
The control unit is enclosed to avoid dust and water ingress with an easy access cover for maintenance.
The controllers, connectors, battery plug, emergency switch and dashboard ensure the reliability and performance.
The emergency switch is fitted as standard along with a hydraulic overloading and electronic protection system and meet Euro safety regulations.
The new A Series Hangcha truck meets European Regulatory Standards and comes with a CE Certification.